This handmade collection is pure, authentic and beautiful…

Forget all about the hard plastic boxes to store the toys in, and get a tidy children’s room
with these gorgeous ecologically handmade baskets of premium quality.
You can get them in the beautiful colours of grey, blue, pink and beige.
There are also different sizes of the baskets for storing of things of all sizes.

If you don’t have so many toys to store, may I suggest using them in the living room for things like needlework and yarn,
or to store all the blankets in the same place. Easy and super practical!

Perfectly sized for the small people in the family, Wallebeck Baby & Child has lovely,
knitted pouffes that are nice to sit on in the kids room, living room or in front of the TV.
Here you can find rugs and pillows for you to create a harmonious and peaceful room where everything combines, and where big and small can enjoy life.

 This handmade collection of Zurihouse is pure, authentic and beautiful.
You can find more information about these beauties here:>>


Team Wallebeck


Team Wallebeck

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