These original, French light chains…

These original, French light chains give the perfect atmosphere in the room. Be sure to get one, or a couple,
of these fantastic cotton ball light chains in beautiful colours that you only can find at Whaleback Baby & Child.
Yes, you heard right, these colours are impossible to find anywhere else but here!

The unique colours give an elegant glow that brings harmony to the room. What’s not to love?

Put one in the window, on the play tent, above the bed, in the reading corner, you name it.
Elegance and atmosphere to perfection!

Use the high quality light chain to create the right atmosphere at home when the evening has arrived.
Easy to turn off and on with a practical switch.

The LED-lights are perfect as decor at home and provides you with the opportunity to create a calm atmosphere
where both young and old love to relax after a hectic day.

I definitely recommend these ball light chains for everyone who are looking for that little extra in
the children’s room or anywhere where a wow factor is needed.

If you want to see all the wonderful colours I’m talking about, this is the place to go:>>


Team Wallebeck



Team Wallebeck

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