London Rocking Chair: Your new favourite chair?

(pic credit: OhEightOhNine)

(pic credit: Hobbe)

A new version of our favorite chair is coming in September, and you have now the chance to pre-order this beauty!

Even this chair has a new more Scandinavian look it still has the signature classy style
and wonderful support for the back like all these rockers

The London Hobbe chair is just as gorgeous as always. A must in your home, and in mine for that matter.

It’s not “only” a chair for a short time in the nursery, but a chair to share your life with.
Just perfect for the whole family to use, and a joy to have in the living room
when you don’t need it in the nursery anymore.

Do as so many other families, go Hobbe!

Get a glimpse of the new beauty right here:>>


Team Wallebeck



Team Wallebeck

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