Have you seen this fantastic mobiles?

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Create a nostalgic, historical corner in your home which encourage to learning
and opens up the world of knowledge for your children.

Is there anything more exciting than exploring and learning new things, both of the past and present?
To be able to understand the present, a glimpse of the past always comes in handy.

These gorgeous historical mobiles, models of globes and planes are
the perfect decorations over the school desk or in that special corner.

Being extremely light, they move constantly to the room’s natural airflow.
These also suite perfectly over the baby crib or baby´s changing table
to keep your little one occupied while changing.

One of my personal favourites is Bobby’s Little Airplane Mobile, which fits great in to the boys’ room.
Did you know that these airplanes are miniature models of actual American planes from the 1920’s?

Reaching The Sky Hot Air Balloons Mobile in beautiful pastel colours is perfect for the little girl with big dreams.

Find your own personal favourite and indulge that creativity of yours to create the perfect cosy corner.

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Team Wallebeck


Team Wallebeck

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