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The other day we found this cute little DIY project, that we would like to share with you, to brighten up your child’s room this autumn. Do It Yourself or why not together with your child for some cozy mummy&me time

These cutest little dollhouses on a light chain to decorate the window or any other place where you feel some lights would do the trick.

All you need is:
• A printer
• A pair of scissors
• Paper Glue
• LED lights (Note: Use LED lights only!)

How to do it:
1. Print the houses. There are plenty of color options to choose from and you find them all here
2. Cut out the houses.
3. Fold the edges according to the lines and glue them together.
4. Make a hole on the top of each house for the light to fit in.
5. Attach the houses to every second or third light on the light chain.

Ready! Easy as that…

And for all you out there who prefer to buy something ready to use, we have some beautiful decorative light chains to decorate the children’s room with.
Click here to see them all: >>


Team Wallebeck

Team Wallebeck

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