…COMING SOON – Wallebeck Baby&Child – BABY CRIB MOBILES…




Soon very soon these sweetest little Baby Mobiles will join the Wallebeck Baby & Child product family.
These adorable little Baby Mobiles just touched my heart and I am dying to get my hands on one of them, for my own little cutie pie.

The Wallebeck Baby&Child – Baby Crib Mobile collection is made of the sweetest, crocheted, stuffed figures for your little baby to watch and dream while resting in their crib.
Several adorable little baby animal/toy figures to choose from. Little Baby Bear, Little Baby Elephant, Little Baby Bunny, Little Baby Airplane, all in softest pastel colors.

Each one is hand made of high quality garn, with impeccable attention to details.
These unique luxury Wallebeck Baby&Child- Baby Crib Mobiles will definitely give your nursery, baby room that little something extra to complete the perfect dreamy look.

Team Wallebeck

Ps. Stay tuned and make sure you get one too!

Team Wallebeck

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