“Modern life is about checking the clock. There´s always somewhere to be or something to do – not only for us adults – but also for our little ones.
Everything revolves around time.

But imagine a bedroom where time stands still. Where the white feathers from a wooden dreamcatcher slowly move in the soft breeze from an open window encouraging your baby to dream or where elegance meets harmony in pastel colors and silver stars. Where a music box is playing a soothing melody while your loved ones play on a soft, handmade carpet, during one of these moments no one else exists in the world but them and their dreams.”

This is not just a fantasy. Wallebeck Interior & Design believes that every child treasures a peaceful hideaway where they can rest and act out the stories of theid imagination. Elegance, harmony and meditation are all ingredients used when designing classic furniture and accessories for child and baby rooms. Cotton and linen are among the favorite fabrics while pastel colors with timeless gold and silver details perfect it all.

Wallebeck Baby and Child brand also enriches the Scandinavian market with beautiful items and inspiration from countries like France, USA and Australia to offer your children the perfect timeless getaway as they grow up. The Wallebeck Baby and Child brand is timeless and luxurious, with and emphasis and comfort and quality. Their goal is to offer an upscale range of products at prices accessible to the wider market.

Please follow along as they build the brand and add to their collection of products!

Wallebeck Interior & Design are happy to help you to create the perfect room for your children, offering custom-made interior design and E-design services.

Behind this elegant yet warmhearted brand stands two women who recognize beauty and opportunity when they see it.

The founder of  Wallebeck Interior & Design AS Sonja Nevanlinna was born in Finland and now lives in Norway. She has always lived for design, during her many work travels around the world she loves finding inspiration and new ideas for future projects.
She is not afraid of a challenge and aims high without losing sight of the details.

She is also the creative designer behind the brand Wallebeck Baby & Child with its classic, warmhearted elegance as her specialty. Following her interior advice is something you’ll never regret. Having two little explorers of her own, she can easily relate to you, knowing what works in a child´s room.

Born in Switzerland and having lived both in Finland and France before moving to Norway, co-founder Adelia Marques has extensive experience in international sales and marketing, skills necessary for building a firm like Wallebeck Interior & Design. Highly organized and an effective businesswoman, this hardworking mother of four little prince’s loves helping customers find the best solution for all their needs.

Together they form the perfect team, helping you create the child´s room or nursery of your dreams.

 “We love what we do, we love to do it together and we love to share it with you.”

Team Wallebeck